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You crazy europeans

aprilie 13th, 2010 Fără comentarii

So…. maybe this is a stupid thread, but im curious.

It feels like there are hundreds of European posters on these forums. I’m reading them all in English, Do you guys all know and speak English… even though it’s not your first language? Or is my internet browser automatically translating it all into English for me, and you’re now reading what im typing in some sort of European language? I just find it crazy that so many foreigners speak English and use it so well/often/by choice in a game… people in the US would never do this in another language…… ….people in the US aren’t properly taught other languages.. Were you all taught English in school or some thing?

I know there’s like 9 questions in there… Lips sealed sorry

Haha, de ce oare zice lumea ca americanii sunt prosti ?

It’s not coincidence that people think Americans are idiots.

Asta e de acord cu mine! 🙂

Believe it or not, some of us Europeans actually have English as our first language!
You know, such as…THE ENGLISH.

Au! L-a ars!

What I read is: „I don’t learn any other language so neither do other people…. they must have something magic that helps them read my Words. God Bless America”

Asta a fost cea mai dura! 🙂 .
Nu mai comentez, ca nu e de bine!
Ah, da sa nu uit sursa : MMO-Champion

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