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Twilight – Episod nou

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Just awesome!

Romanul pe Facebook

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Ion is in a relationship with Mărie.

Mărie is now in a relationship with Ion and other 26 people. (Popa Satului and other 24 people like this)

Mărie is attending the event „Mulsul vacii” (Vaca lui Mărie and Ion like this)

[Mărie is not really attending the event „Mulsul vacii„. She is actually attendingVasile in the barn. Ion comes to see Mărie attending the „Mulsul vacii” event and finds out what is she actually attending]

Ion is now single.

Ion was invited to join group „Beţivanii satului

Ion and other 20 people are attending the event „Beţie la crâşmă„. (Crâşmarul likes this)

Ion set his status to: „supărat sunt doamne, iarăşi supărat

Ion is now drunk and pissed on Mărie‘s Wall

Mărie finished attending Vasile.

Mărie set her status to: „Foarte obosită. Sper să mă pot trezi mâine să merg la biserică

Vasile commented to Mărie‘s status „Eu nici nu cred că vin. Poate duminica viitoare



Babele din sat are attending the event „Slujba de duminică” (Popa satuluiPărintele IosifCantoru’ and Clopotaru’ like this)

Beţivii satului missed the event „Slujba de duminică” because of it’s interference with the event „Beţia de duminică” (The Devil 666 Satana likes this)

Popa satului and Popa Porno are now friends (The Devil 666 Satana andClopotaru’ like this)



Mărie set her status to: „La spovedit…

Ion commented on Mărie‘s status: „Ce-i Mărie, te-o prins rusinea?

Mărie also commented on her status: „Taci , Ioane că eşti prost

Popa satului also commented on Mărie‘s status:” :)) :))” (Primarul satuluilikes this..)

Vaca lu’ Mărie set her status to „Muuuuuuuuuu…

Mărie commented to Vaca lu’ Mărie status: „Ioi ce proastă îs, am uitat să te mulg. După spovedit vin şi la tine. Paşte până atunci” (Vaca lu’ Mărie likes this.)

Primarul satului added „şpagă” and „corruption” to his activities (Popa satului likes this)

Şefu de Post set his status to: „La primărie, la o vorbă cu primarul

Primarul satului is now attending „Puşcăria„.(Bebiţă săpunaru’ and all his friends like this)



Mărie set her status to „Watching „fermier caut mireasă”, so fuck off

Vaca lu’ Mărie exploded. (Ion likes this)

Mărie commented: „vaaaaiii…o murit vaca…am uitat s-o mulg…mă omoară tata când se întoarce de la crâşmă

Popa satului also commented: „super, încă o înmormântare pe săptămâna asta” (Cantoru’ and Popa Porno likes this)

Popa satului added „Praying” and „Porn” to his activities (Popa Porno andPărintele Iosif like this)

Popa satuluiPărintele Iosif and Clopotaru’ are now in a relationship and it’s complicated. (The Devil 666 Satana likes this)



Popa satului set his status to „Zi de post, fiilor” (Babele satului like this;Beţivii satului dislike this)

Tata lu Mărie posted on Mărie‘s Wall: „Ce ai făcut cu vaca? Te omor

Tata lu Mărie killed Mărie. (Ion and Popa Satului likes this. Vasile and other 25 people dislike this)

Tata lu Mărie is now attending „Puşcăria” along with Primarul Satului

Mărie is attending Hell (The Devil 666 SatanaHitlerStalinSaddam Hussein and other 75 bilion dead people like this)

Vaca lu’ Mărie is attending Heaven (Saint Peter likes this)


By Alice Tudor.

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The day the routers died

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a long long time ago
i can still remember
when my laptop could connect elsewhere

and i tell you all there was a day
the network card i threw away
had a purpose – and worked for you and me….

But 18 years completely wasted
with each address we’ve aggregated
the tables overflowing
the traffic just stopped flowing….

And now we’re bearing all the scars
and all my traceroutes showing stars…
the packets would travel faster in cars…
the day….the routers died

Chorus (ALL!!!!!)

So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55
Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die
IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh
But I spose we’d better give it a try
I suppose we’d better give it a try

Now did you write an RFC
That dictated how we all should be
Did we listen like we should that day

Now were you back at RIPE fifty-four
Where we heard the same things months before
And the people knew they’d have to change their ways….

And we – knew that all the ISPs
Could be – future proof for centuries

But that was then not now
Spent too much time playing WoW

ooh there was time we sat on IRC
Making jokes on how this day would be
Now there’s no more use for TCP
The day the routers died…

Chorus (chime in now)

So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55
Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die
IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh
But I spose we’d better give it a try
I suppose we’d better give it a try

I remember those old days I mourn
Sitting in my room, downloading porn
Yeah that’s how it used to be….

When the packets flowed from A to B
via routers that could talk IP
There was data..that could be exchanged between you and me….

Oh but – I could see you all ignore
The fact – we’d fill up IPv4

But we all lost the nerve
And we got what we deserved!

And while…we threw our network kit away
And wished we’d heard the things they say
Put all our lives in disarray

The day…the routers died…

Chorus (those silent will be shot)

So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55
Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die
IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh
But I spose we’d better give it a try
I suppose we’d better give it a try

Saw a man with whom I used to peer
Asked him to rescue my career
He just sighed and turned away..

I went down to the net cafe
that I used to visit everyday
But the man there said I might as well just leave…

And now we’ve all lost our purpose..
my cisco shares completely worthless…

No future meetings for me
At the Hotel Krasnapolsky

and the men that make us push and push
Like Geoff Huston and Randy Bush
Should’ve listened to what they told us….
The day…the routers….died

Chorus (time to lose your voice)

So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55
Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die
IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh
But I spose we’d better give it a try
I suppose we’d better give it a try

Words and performance by Gary Feldman

Asta ca tot am auzit azi ca s-au dat ultimele clase /8 din IPv4 si ca in curand o sa trebuiasca sa trecem pe IPv6. Se vor termina in scurt timp, ma corectez. Melodia e dedicata lui Marcel Somnorescu (not a real name).

RObotzi S01E1 – Vin

ianuarie 28th, 2011 2 comentarii

Sa mi se arda sursa!

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Robotzi S01E0 cica

ianuarie 25th, 2011 1 comentariu

Like! 😀

Buni prieteni!

ianuarie 21st, 2011 Fără comentarii

Oh, ce dragut, dar cand li se face foame, pa-pa prietenie!

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Yogi Bear

ianuarie 11th, 2011 Fără comentarii

Eu de ce n-am stiut pana acuma? I guess I’m not smarter than the average bear! Totusi, abia astept o versiune care sa merite vazuta, sau sa ma duc la cinema ca si asa n-am mai fost de mult timp. Oricum, cand eram mic ma uitam la toate episoadele si la toate filmele animate in care aparea, asa ca sper sa nu fiu dezamagit de acesta. Oricum, vizionare placuta!

Nu mai vine Mos Craciun

decembrie 19th, 2010 2 comentarii

Dati click pe poza sa o vedeti mai bine, 🙂 . Aparent Mos Craciun nu a fost cuminte si l-au luat Jandarmii, asa ca dragi copii, anu asta ramaneti fara cadouri. Poza a fost facuta astazi, in centru :p . Ma oftic ca nu l-am prins mai bine, intotdeauna ma prind nepregatit astfel de momente 🙁 .

Craciunul la locul de munca

decembrie 14th, 2010 1 comentariu

Si probabil raspunsul o sa fie acesta :

Dragul mosului ANGAJAT ,
Iti spun clar si raspicat:
Am primit scrisoarea ta ,
Dar m-am sters la cur cu ea.
Si ma pis pe ce-ti doresti ,
Nici in vis n-ai sa primesti!
Si daca-mi mai scrii vreodata ,
Iti rup gura cu-o lopata!
Nu-l mai cauta pe mosu’
Ca iti face curu` rosu.
Mosu` a plecat din tara ,
Ca-i criza financiara!

De apreciat modul sincer si afectuos prin care isi cere scuze pentru indisponibilitatea din acest an 🙂
Via mail :))

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