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A guide to the evolutionist conspiracy

iunie 2nd, 2009 Fără comentarii

Based on the research of Bob Riggins, Science Academy of South Texas

A list of groups in league with the anti-morality evilutionist conspiracy.

The following groups of people CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Do not read anything they write, or use any device that they have invented.

(In no particular order: )


Even before Darwin, it was geologists who began to claim that the Earth is older than 6004 years. And modern geology stubbornly refuses to yield up its hidden proof of a universal flood, or the recent and coeval existence of all creatures, living and extinct.


Invented all sorts of laws, like decay rates of isotopes, the non-decaying speed of light, the refraction of light to produce rainbows, etc., all of which disagree with the the Book of Genesis. And to add insult to injury, physicists can””t seem to see the truth that evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics –a fact that every good creationist knows, even without a degree in physics!

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